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Transform stays into stories worth sharing with a digital guidebook. Spend less time answering guests!

Everything you need to host

TouchGuides allows hosts to create personalized recommendations for their guests, ensuring a unique and memorable stay.

Personalized Recommendations

Hosts can curate a list of local attractions, restaurants, and hidden gems that align with their guests' preferences and interests.

Interactive Digital Guidebook

TouchGuides replaces traditional printed guidebooks with an interactive digital platform that guests can access on their smartphones or tablets.

Transform Stays into Stories Worth Sharing

By transforming stays into memorable stories, TouchGuides encourages guests to share their experiences with friends and family, boosting positive word-of-mouth for hosts.

Time-Saving Solution

By having all the necessary details readily available, guests can find answers to their queries independently, allowing hosts to focus on other aspects of their hosting responsibilities.

Offline Accessibility

Guests can download the guidebook before their trip, enabling them to access maps, recommendations, and other relevant details while exploring the destination.

Seamless Integration

Hosts can quickly input information, upload images, and customize the guidebook to reflect their unique hosting style.

Unlock extraordinary experiences.

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